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Post by Gaffey on Sat Oct 12, 2013 12:52 pm

Name: Leetha Desovar
Age: 19
Gender: Female

Race of Werewolf: Standard werewolf

Appearence: Leetha is tall and fairly fit she has metalic silver hair that is fairly long reaching to shoulder length she always has it messy fairly brushing her hair. Her upper clothing is a white tank top with a red target on painted on the back, she wears black gloves with the fingers of them cut off. On her lower body she wears camo cargo pants with black steel toed combat boots. She also wears a army cap on her head that she never takes off. When she transforms she turns into a werewolf with metalic silver fur.
Skills, Magic, and Abilities: Leetha can create large soundwaves that can knock down brick walls reducing them to a pile of dust when, transformed if she claws the air it sends slashes of soundwaves to there area she aimed the slash at. She also has earth elemental powers.

Personallity:Leetha is a messy, immature, lethal, kind girl. She is a fighter loving to get in fights with about anyone but she is also a good leader and is loyal to those she knows she can trust she loves to encourage he friends and sometimes even foes if she wants a good fight. She is not the type of girl that would flirt and is really serious.
History: Unknown nothing is known of her past
Other Information:
-When in human form she carries a spear that looks like this Leetha Desovar Dissidia-GabranthSword

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Leetha Desovar Empty Re: Leetha Desovar

Post by Dethhollow on Sat Oct 12, 2013 12:56 pm

Accepted! We have our Alpha Werewolf Lady Murder Woman Wolf Stuff.... Person..... Screw it, you get my point! She's the Alpha now.

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