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Summon info and bio format Empty Summon info and bio format

Post by Dethhollow on Sat Oct 12, 2013 9:40 am

Summons are among the most diverse and powerful beings known to exist. There are two types of summons. There are spirits that posess great power, but are disallowed to use it for destruction or harm to a living being. Then there are the more common summons which are basically "Spirits in Training" who have yet to proven wether or not they've reached the level of enlightenment and humillity to unlock thier true power. However, these kinds of summons who have not yet proven themselves are much more dangerous due to the fact that they are only bound by the laws of the Summon, and not by the laws of actual spirits.

A summon can be any type of being from a beautiful lady of the lake to horrific and monster-like, to even more abstract beings like a floating collection of faces or an elemental. When a summon comes into our world, they cannot access thier magic (whatever form it takes) until they encounter a self-aware life form. Then, the summon will be bound in service to that person's will until they can learn thier lesson. Sometimes, it takes just a year. Sometimes, summons can follow thier master for an entire lifetime and still understand nothing. It all depends on the situation.

When a summon is serving a person, there are a few rules they have to follow. They are allowed to do whatever they want, but are automatically summoned to thier master whenever needed. They are restricted in how much magic they can use until thier master allows thier full power or gives them an order. And, finally, they are unable to fight with magic without thier master's permission.

Summons are the most powerful beings avalable to use in this site, capable of wielding unbelievable magic as well as surviving things that would kill a normal person. But they can still be defeated with magic or by thier brain being damaged. Players MUST have a seperate person being thier summon's master. I repeat, you cannot control both members of a summon/master duo.

[b]Age:[/b] (how old they look)

[b]Master:[/b] (to be added later)

[b]Appearence:[/b] (be specific)
[b]Skills, Magic, and Abilities:[/b]

[b]History:[/b] (optional)
[b]Other Information:[/b] (optional)

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