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Post by Gaffey on Sun Oct 20, 2013 10:26 am

Name: Tau Halfbreed
   Age: 18
   Gender: Male

   Race of Werewolf: Neko: Tau has the ears, tail and teeth of a cat, except his ears are light blue on the outside and black on the inside. His tail is black and light blue

   Appearence: Tau has long sky blue hair that covers his eyes from view. His eyes are a bit out there and very strange, his whole eye is in-cased with black with just a white dot in the center. He wears a purple shirt with a golden star in the center he wears blue jeans and a beanie that is black and white striped, he also has tan boots. He is normal seen with a sling shot tied to his left arm and a bag of marbles tied onto his tail.
Tau Halfbreed Tau10   
Skills, Magic, and Abilities:

Explosives: Tau can make pebbles and othe small items he uses for his slingshot explosive making them explode on contact with anything

Falcon eyes: Tau can see from long distance's from the every detail of a pebble to the hair on a spiders leg he can see them from atleast  70 miles.

   Personallity: Tau is a shy guy and will hardly talk to other people he kinda blinds in with the crowd which is good for his stealth he has Scopophobia or the fear of being stared at which has alot of disadvantages that make him a easy target tho shy he is also a great companion like a human shield that always got your back if he likes you he protects you no matter how fearful it makes him. He always protects those who need protecting tho he may be as scared as hell he never backs down.
History: (optional) None
   Other Information:
-Carries around a arm slingshot
-Has a slight crush on Amelia the princess of the vampires (her adult forn tho he still cares for the child form of her too)
-Has Scopophobia
-Expert at shooting a slingshot
-Is a lone wolf

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Tau Halfbreed Empty Re: Tau Halfbreed

Post by Dethhollow on Sun Oct 20, 2013 12:45 pm

Maybe it's just me, but this guy's powers seem alot like Gambit, with the wierd eyes and stuff. Only instead of throwing cards that explode and being confident, he's unsure as heck and can snipe 2 birds with one stone at 500 feet away XD

Accepted! Can't wait to see how this lone wolf works out.

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