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Post by Ammy on Thu Oct 17, 2013 4:54 pm

Name: Hidemi Kuroken
Age: 17
Gender: Female

Type of Vampire: Standard

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Skills, Magic, and Abilities: 
Prolonged life: Unlike other standard vampires, Hidemi has the ability to live off of fruit, but just barely.  It's like living off of just bread and water as a human.  
MAGICAL BAKING ABILITY: Hidemi has the strange ability to bake amazing food despite never having had baking lessons in her life.
Mind-reading: One of Hidemi's more strange abilities is her ability to sense someone's whereabouts through touching something that belonged to the

History: Her story was unfold as soon as she was born.  The youngest of 5 children, Hidemi was the baby the second she was first breathed.  Her oldest brother was the one dubbed in charge, since their parents wanted nothing to do with any of them.  Even though Anarae was more than capable, the idea of such responsibility led him to fleeing home without so much as a word.  The occasional money was slipped in the mail, which was more than enough for them, but none of them 
Other Information: 
Hidemi refuses to drink blood even though it's slowly killing her
She loves apples

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