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Post by Ammy on Thu Oct 17, 2013 4:11 pm

Name: Kirina Matsuki
Age: 18
Gender: Female

Race of Werewolf: Neko (Human with animal features)


Kirina Matsuki Okami___Amaterasu_by_Felicia_Val

'Human' form:
In her human form, Kirina has long white hair.  It flows well to her back and sways well despite being a bit of a mess most days.  It's gentle and silky to the touch.  She has white ears with a bit of a dark grey at the very tip and the same for her tail.  Her skin is a fair pale, very smooth and without a blemish it seems.  Though, she does have odd red tattoos on her face, one being a large curcle with lines on her forehead and little squiggles by her eyes.  She has light blue eyes, feminine and slim.  

As for clothes, Kirina tends to wear traditional Kimonos of reds and whites.  Varying designs compliment her daily and her shoes are usually just basic sandals to match.  

Kirina Matsuki Okami__Ammy_doodle_by_syberfox

When turned into her 'werewolf' form, Kirina takes the form of a six-foot tall large wolf.  Yes this is everytime and no she cannot control the size of her wolf form.  There are no markings upon this form, aide from the slight grey at the tips of her ears and tail.  Her eyes in teis form as well are blue.

Kirina Matsuki White_Wolf_by_iKata

Skills, Magic, and Abilities: 

Purifying touch: Her fingers can touch any area of ground and make it pure once again.  This namely means the ground is rid of weeds and the dirt is cleansed of any pollution.

One with the animals:  As is natural for a lot of shifters, Kirina can speak to other animals.

One with nature:  Kirina has her own sort of ability that allows her to shut down one sense to enhance another twice as well.  

Personallity: Kirina doesn't talk much. Her voice often held for important times when she's needed to be heard. Though she won't ignore people when they speak to her, she DOES have a tenancy to go off in her own little world. This causes discrepancies often and people get upset at her. The woman won't know why the person is upset at her and simply will ask if they will repeat themselves for her. In some situations she will stutter and hurry her words. A rush of sentences oozing out of her mouth, though hushed. She has a bit of nervousness that her words will be of no worth to the people she speaks to, when it comes to the military and has reached for more of a 'listen to your boss' card. Who needs to think when someone thinks for you? 

When the time comes, Kirina is reliable and innovative. In the instances she needs to take her own route, she has the confidence to do it. Though she gets a bit crestfallen easily, she is determined to not let broken plans get her down and constantly seeks for a new road to lead her. She is the type who is more confident when independent. She despises seeming weak and in the case tends to avoid getting attached to a lot of people. Her own pride prevents her often times from allowing help. In cases of being near death she will do so though with a bit of a grudge at herself and the world for things not going as planned.

Kirina seems a bit in her own little world. Her words usually not coming. She's not the type to go out and meet new people and rathers to on-look at others quietly. She cherishes everyone that happens to be close to and would do whatever it takes to defend them. Though she fears death, she is still willing to defend them even in beats that leave her near death. She is a loyal being who usually follows orders to a 't' even if she doesn't like the outcome. Kirina takes school seriously. She does not like to play games about it. She believes work should be work and or it to be done when it should be done. She is not a slacker and is in fact on some terms an over achiever. 

There is nothing she loves more than the arts. If she had the choice, Kirina would spend her every moment drawing, painting or making origami. She adores all sorts of arts and her truest home is in a museum of sorts. Her hand is constantly going when she sits, drawing a picture or a comic strip. Keeping herself occupied is something necessary to avoid the evils of the world. She currently creates a Manga called 'Delirium' though she does switch the title when she finds better titles. She does not bring it up in conversation, unless the other person mentions it. Drawing relaxes her and lets her calm after a long day. 

Though she has seen confidence, inside Kirina is paranoid and self conscious. She worries often that she's not good enough and that she will never be. Though most people don't know of this flaw, she keeps a diary log of the depression when it sinks in. Her process of getting over it is repeating confident lines to override it and that she shouldn't care. In these times she will not respond for a few minutes while she regains herself. She's not quick to get mad, but she is quick to get mad. Her main target who are obviously hypocrites whom complain about hypocrites. It annoys her to know end and in such cases she temporarily loses her patience. Otherwise, she's relative quiet and the sort that keeps mainly to herself in fear of being a burden to others.
Kirina doesn't speak of her history.  What happened is pretty much a mystery.  All she ever really lets on is that she had family that is now lost. 
Other Information: 
Kirina has three siblings, two of which were poached.
She prefers staying around nature
Adores drawing
Prefers to stay away from most people
Lies to sky-gaze, even in the rain

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Kirina Matsuki Empty Re: Kirina Matsuki

Post by Dethhollow on Thu Oct 17, 2013 4:54 pm

Seems like a difficult character to interract with in an RP since she'd tend to try and avoid people, but I can see some intresting things happening here. Especially with her siblings being poached (I assume by vampires).


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