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Post by Gaffey on Thu Oct 17, 2013 2:53 pm

Name: Crank "Rusty" Cog
Age: 19
Gender: Male

Master: Alexander Deathwish

Crank "Rusty" Cog Steampunk_by_naimane-d52a6u7 (Human Form)

Crank "Rusty" Cog Black_market_robot_steed_unicorn_by_chuckwalton-d5di68b (Horse Form)

Skills, Magic, and Abilities:
Brains: Rusty is naturally smart solving problems that normal people can't solve and building things of others imaginations he can fix almost anything and can reassemble it easily.

Mechanic: Rusty's skills are mostly on mechanical items that were in his world (a steam punk era kinda summon world) were he was a great inventor he can make things from paper clips that actually work and run on there own. he is a natural mechanic.

Quick Creation: Rusty can create things within a blink of an eye with the help of his telekinesis he is so speedy with his creation skills that even he doesn't know what he is doing but it happens naturally.

Marksman: Rusty is  a amazing marksman almost as good of a markman as he is a mechanic he can shoot a penny out of the air blind folded backwords.

Telekinesis: (We all know what Telekinesis is)

Robot Body: Rusty is basically a robot he has a robot arm holes in his neck that poof out steam and glowing blue eyes his left and right foot are also mechanical. these features allow him to pick up items of extream weight jump to extream heights and breath in any atmosphere.

Personallity: Rusty isn't the one to talk to others he says that he has the social skills of a robot he only speaks to his machines and hardly to his master. he is really antisocial he is rude and obnoxious when he does speak.

History: In his world he was a famous inventer that created a city of steampunk wonders things that the beings had never seen before alot of them were amazed by his work except for one this one summon decided to put a end to him so one day he burned down Rusty's lab whilst he was in it working and burned it to the ground luckly Rusty survived barely he had to get new lungs a new arm and two new feet. so he decided why not make it out of robotic parts.
Other Information:
Crank "Rusty" Cog Steampunk_Composite_Bow_Weapon

Crank "Rusty" Cog UC887042lg

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Crank "Rusty" Cog Empty Re: Crank "Rusty" Cog

Post by Dethhollow on Thu Oct 17, 2013 3:12 pm

It goes without saying, but you understand that you can't use telekenisis on living things to get that out of the way since it's never specifically mentioned in the bio.

So, without further introduction, he's accepted! Go out there and fight a Vampire with your Mecha-horse!!!

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