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werewolf info and bio format Empty werewolf info and bio format

Post by Dethhollow on Fri Oct 11, 2013 2:48 pm

In this world, the werewolf group includes mainly shapeshifters who can transform into a wolf-man hybrid whenever they find themself in excessive anger or hatred. Most werewolves have difficulty controling thier transformations in thier sleep, but find it easier to control thier urges while around someone who they find soothing or other werewolves. They tend to not have much magical ability and be more aggressive, exceeding most vampires physically while transformed. However, as one might expect from a person turning into a 7 foot-tall monstrosity, it's common for werewolves to destroy thier outfit after transforming... so be prepared to plan accordingly. With propper training, werewolves can harness thier power to a certain extent in thier human form to match the abilities of a vampire with the addition of more mobillity and hightened senses.

Other types of werewolves are known to exist as well. In fact, there is no formal documentation of every type of being that falls benieth the werewolf catagory. These include humans with mamallian features and varrying degrees of control such as neko or kitsune, as well as people who simply posess the spirit of a wolf who rely on wolf-shaped magic, and the feril wolves, who are stuck in a transformed state 24/7. If you can justify it being with the werewolves, then it falls under the catagory.

But be warned! Even in your transformed state, a werewolf is always subject to physical harm and can be killed by standard weapons.


[b]Race of Werewolf:[/b] (Standard werewolf would be standard with anything else warrenting a brief discription)

[b]Appearence:[/b] (transformed appearence optional)
[b]Skills, Magic, and Abilities:[/b] (up to 2 elements allowed without reason)

[b]History:[/b] (optional)
[b]Other Information:[/b] (optional)

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