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Post by Gaffey on Tue Oct 15, 2013 10:00 am

Name: Karma Mist
Age: 19
Gender: Female

Master: (to be added later)

Appearence: Karma Mist Night%20long%20hair%20brown%20eyes%20purple%20hair%20game%20cg%20anime%20girls%201024x768%20wallpaper_www.wall321.com_81

Karma Mist Giant_Spider_by_Balaskas(spider form)

Acid Abilities:  Karma can turn any un-organic materials into acid, she can make large balls of acid in which she can chuck at a opponent or through objects she needs to get through. Karma has dual pistols that can shoot acidic bullets that explode on impact splattering acid everywhere. She can make the items she turned into acid move with ease but not items she didn't turn to acid. Karma can move the acid at will it not burning or hurting her.

Smoke Abilities: Krat can morph into a smoke that still keeps her human body form but allows her to float and travel faster sadly she can't pass through objects in this mode  she can make smoke clones of herself that are literal mirror images of her. She can incase a room with her smoke blinding the targets and making for a quick get away from the foes  she uses this mostly for moving quickly away for quick escape.

Shadow Abilities:  Karma can manipulate shadows and solidify into into what that shadow was it can't move or anything and is what she uses to make her acid the objects can't be touched or moved by organic matter but in-organic matter is blocked by it. She also can shadow step in which she travles from shadow to shadow sorta like teleporting

Spider Form: in spider form she has all her normal powers and the spiders powers too

Personallity: Krat is anti-social and doesn't really speak to others she lets her actions speak for her she always has a poker face on and you can never know where her emotions lie even if she has emotions or not. She can be very loyal and a good companion depending on her thoughts on you.
History: She had a troubling past thats all i can say.
Other Information:
-Loves Chocolate
-Hates light
-Is Bi

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Karma Mist Empty Re: Karma Mist

Post by Dethhollow on Tue Oct 15, 2013 6:35 pm

I'm not sure exactly how the shadows would work in battle since it can't pass through inorganic matter... but it can pass through organic matter. I mean, cloathes are inorganic so I guess transformed werewolves would be uneffected but it could grab someone's shoes or something? IDK, but it's probably not a major problem.

Also, I just now noticed she's Bi. Nothing wrong with that or anything, but it caught me off guard, lol! I guess you could say she's an equil oppertunity spider?


Accepted and I'm going to shut up before I make things any more awkward....

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