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Post by Gaffey on Mon Oct 14, 2013 5:02 pm

Name: Argo Flare
Age: He looks around 17 years old
Gender: Male

Master: (to be added later)

Appearence: Argo Flare 959470(human form)

Argo Flare 1228836798_4a99d4029eab235ac231e9b56f97c1e9 (dragon form)
Personallity: Argo is actually quite a loyal and loveable Summon in training he listens to every order and is very mature sometimes he isn't the one to brag and is serious all the time tho he does know how to be fun and can be hyper active at times but thats a rare occasionly. He's also quite the flirt at times.
History: (optional)
Other Information: Argo is a lightning and wind elemental and can turn into a large dragon at will and with a large amount of effort he can summon large storms and hurricanes he can send bolt of electricity at a opponent and can make large balls of energy. He can conjure winds at will to make him float in his human form but prefers to fly in dragon form because of the less effort it is. Argo can also summon large lightning bolts in human form in which he can toss with ease his favorite move is a move in which he blinds his foes" />

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Argo Flare Empty Re: Argo Flare

Post by Dethhollow on Mon Oct 14, 2013 6:53 pm

Accepted! He feels complete and I just imagine how horrible it would get if he had a female master or a strict one, lol!

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