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Important information of the world Empty Important information of the world

Post by Dethhollow on Fri Oct 11, 2013 2:21 pm

The world was once a fairly peaceful place. Humans lived amongst other races and perserved the natural order with verry little harm. But, as things are always bound to, the world suffered a great change when the strong began to devour the weak. One day, the vampirelord Draquol obtained the power of a summon, powerful spirits whom are fated to learn about our world by being forced to serve the first self-aware being they see. Using this newfound power along his already unimaginable strength, Draquol managed to destroy the one thing that prevented his rule. The sun itself. With an eternal spell of night, and belief in his heir, he sealed his body as well as the power of his summon inside the moon itself and smeared his contiousness across the sky, turning days into dusk as the moon was turned red.

Quickly, his successor, Violia, led her forces on a rampage that humanity found itself powerless against. In response, the humans allied themselves with the werewolves in exchange for protection. Taking advantage of this, the werewolves converted the remains of humanity to thier side until only the most paranoid and sheltered humans managed to escape becoming involved with one side or another. Over the next several hundred years, both sides fought a pointless war filled with power struggles, corruption, and espionage. Violia, calling upon the power of her father, managed to make a set of weapons able to call upon the inner beast of a werewolf and force them to shed thier human disguise and transform. Then, she develouped a method to seal away the inner-wolf from them and force them to be human for the rest of thier life.

The war seemed to turn in her favor! However, unexpectedly, her own weapons slowly turned on her to draw out her own animal instincts and slowly syphon away her vampiric powers. Turning her into an impulsive leader who's questionable misdeeds and actions led to many doubting her cause. Eventually, the weapons began to form her into a monster verry similar to the werewolves she set out to destroy. In shock of this, Violia sealed the weapons into her deepest dungeon and negotiated peace with the werewolves. A truce that became suddenly more shakey when she died soon afterwords from one of the jelous suitors the weapons led her to interract with murdered her out of spite.

Without her decendent's orders, the vampires who wished to keep the war from re-uniting built a school for both races to learn self-control and promote wisdom. But extremists persist against it on both sides, forcing the school to be hevilly guarded 24/7.... With tention on both sides mounting, it is clear that if nothing is done this will be the start of the next great war benieth the red moon of Draquol.

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