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"Princess" Amelia Empty "Princess" Amelia

Post by Rouge on Sun Oct 13, 2013 1:22 pm

Name: "Princess" Amelia
Age: 189(But has the mental age of an older teenager or a young adult)
Gender: Female

Type of Vampire: Amelia is a very standard vampire. Burns in the sun on a molecular level, drinks blood, has necromancy and shadow powers, can become a bat. The works. But as a result of evolution, likely, she can smell the scent of someone's blood from quite a ways away. She's similar to the Sisters, in a few ways that won't be counted right now. She's also apparently a very high-class vampire, because she holds an air of royalty around her. But there's no specific record that could prove this.

Adult Form:
"Princess" Amelia 456913-179799
Preferred Child Form:
"Princess" Amelia Mina_Tepes_by_SilverAqua

Skills, Magic, and Abilities: Amelia has the traditional shadow and necromancy powers of most vampires, being able to manipulate darkness and rise beings from the dead, blah blah. Her bite can kill or turn, depending on her intentions. Sometimes it does neither, and she's just trying to get sustenance. Amelia's utterly repulsed by the idea of sun, and would burn and melt viciously in it. Amelia's singing voice is somewhat like that of a siren, typically used to draw people in to bite them. In her adult form, which she isn't typically in, most men become enthralled with her while looking at her(Similar to the Sisters, also known as The Brides of Dracula.), which she often uses to her advantage. Amelia can turn into a bat, like traditional vampires can. Amelia can establish a mental link with those she feeds from, if she so feels like it. Amelia claims to have more, much more dangerous abilities, but has never showcased them.

Personallity: Amelia's a very odd girl. She's stubborn, rude, calculating, cold, and ruthless while at the same time whimsical, cocky, and aristocratic. She has a serious air of regalty around her that she constantly maintains, especially around people whom she needs to impress or frighten. She absolutely hates it when someone calls her young in her child form, for she's nowhere near young. She's manipulative, and loves to plan things out. She has a plan for virtually every situation, bad or good, and can figure out how it's going to go and if it will swing in her favor. Amelia holds grudges, and will target someone if they had previously targeted her, so she's not the best choice of a target. She's dead-set on being referred to as royalty, and will not except anything lower than Mistress when being referred to, so she can be considered snooty. At best, she's a flirt. At worst, she could be considered a seductress, something she won't deny. She has absolutely no issue with using her adult form to get what she wants, and has no problem with flirting with just about anyone she knows is single.

History: Amelia's history is shrouded in mystery, with no one knowing exactly where she came from or what her origins are.
Other Information: Amelia has a rather intense sweet tooth.
She bears a slight resemblance to one of the Brides of Dracula. (The one referred to as The First.)


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"Princess" Amelia Empty Re: "Princess" Amelia

Post by Dethhollow on Sun Oct 13, 2013 6:06 pm

Sounds like a pretty powerful and really complete character.... Not a whole lot else I can say other than that, except I look forward to seeing her work! Accepted!

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