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Post by Ace on Sat Oct 12, 2013 4:22 pm

Name: Atreus Blackwell
Age: 259
Gender: Male

Type of Vampire: Vampire Lord: Being one of the much older vampires of the world, Atreus is offered a bit of an alternative form to his standard one. During the night, and that time only, he can transform his body in to a much larger and brutal one, granting him enhanced strength, speed, and flight capabilities. Aside from this, it gives him the ability to rip dimensional gates, allowing him to quickly summon his servants and fellow vampires to his aid, though he cannot use them to travel himself. Atreus cannot be killed in this form, but he can easily be reverted to his normal form through several tactics
Vampire Lord:
Atreus Blackwell Vampir10

Appearence: Atreus Blackwell Atreus10

Personallity: Despite being who he is, Atreus is a very caring and helpful individual to certain individuals, especially his family. In battle he is ruthless, unforgiving, and by all means, brutal. When he isn't dealing with vampire fledglings and training them, he's in his chambers working on his own... projects.
History: At this point, Atreus may as well BE history.
Other Information: Atreus is the Vampire Monarch.
Night's Embrace:
Atreus can limitedly control shadows, making them bend around things. While Atreus is in a shadow at night time, his body and clothing blackens to match the darkness, making it considerably harder to see him.
Mark of the Banshee:
Atreus whispers a single word in a person's ear, and the very mention of this word after is enough to bring chills to their body. If the person themselves speak this word, even once, it marks them for death, and a banshee is sent to dispatch of them.
Bat Form (Vampire Lord Only):
Atreus Blackwell Giant_10... 'nuff said
As opposed to the typical vampire bite, Atreus is capable of a much more unique bite. After being inflicted with the Necrobite, a man's body will slowly turn to stone. A werewolf in human form will not be able to shift and they will become lesser gargoyles. A werewolf in their wolf form will not be able to shift and will slowly become a much larger and more frightening gargoyle. Vampires are merely stripped of their vampiric blood, slowly and painfully.
Mark of the Wraith:
Atreus can spit out a small amount of black liquid, once a day. Anyone who accidentally ingests this liquid slowly transforms in to a wraith. Wraiths are large humanoid shapes covered by black cloaks with long sharp fingers, and posses the same supernatural abilities as ghosts, save for the fact that they can affect the physical world directly. The person is mindlessly forced to murder their best friend, before dissolving in to a black puddle.
Planning on adding more in the future, hopefully. I'll be sure to use them outside of any sort of combat before I add them to this list.

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Atreus Blackwell Empty Re: Atreus Blackwell

Post by Dethhollow on Sat Oct 12, 2013 5:23 pm

I was confused about the Vampire Lord thing at first, but it makes enough sense when I think about it. Accepted! We have our Vampire King and our Female Alpha Werewolf!

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