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Post by Dethhollow on Fri Oct 11, 2013 12:50 pm

Users are expected not to Godmod, Bunny, or Metagame.

----------Godmodding: Making a character excessivly powerful or perfect without cause. Such as "Jon the immortal werewolf suddenly cannot be killed and laugh off 100 vampires without a second thought".
----------Bunnying: Using a player-character without permission. An example would be if you were in a battle and, without permission, they posted out of nowhere something like "Serah the vampire laughed as her opponent stumbled over his own feet and fell over. She then bested him in combat and cut off his head".
----------Metagaming: Knowing things that your character could not have possibly figured out on thier own. Such as if you're in a dungeon underground and suddenly just know that one of your friends was killed in the war on the surface.

There is to be no flaming, harrassment, trolling, or general douchebaggery among members.
----------Everyone is entitled to thier own oppinions and beliefs, so attacking of a member's personal thoughts is not allowed.

Characters must be accepted by an Admin or Mod to prevent them from being overpowered or contradictory to the world which is created.

And, finally....

Content must be marked if it is too graphic or explecit.
----------Overly gore-filled or sex-based scenes warrent the beginning of the thread to be marked with *mature for (violence/sex)*
----------Smut, sexual activity beyond innuendo, and any form of fettish should be placed in a spoiler tag so it may be skipped over by those who do not wish to read it.


=-=-=-=-=-Innuendo counts as referencing previous activities or something along the lines of the characters waking up together. Anything above assumed sex is considered sexual content. Any sexual content that includes specific imagry or excessive details is considered Smut.
=-=-=-=-=-Character nudity is allowed and, sometimes, unavoidable amongst werewolves. But, please, keep in mind that there is a difference between it happening and it being overly discriptive or smut-based.

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